Monday, April 24, 2017

A different kind of weekend.

I wasn't working, that's what made the weekend different! Well, besides that it was a weekend of doing things a little differently.

Daimon and I visited my grandfather in the hospital, but we decided to make it a little more memorable for him. Daimon decided to bring the accordion and serenade him. The nurses were more than excited. Though the door was closed to not disturb other patients, we got a few visitors to see what was going on! Since he asks my grandmother every day if there was any mail, we made up a song about the mail, we got a smile out of him, which was the best part of the whole visit.

On Sunday, one of my closest friends had an engagement party at IPlay America, which included free access to all the games, rides, later tag and bumper cars. I loved laser tag so much I did it twice; the second time I scored really high too! I'm glad I didn't wear light colors Sunday, since that would have made me an easier target.

Two years ago, I gave Rikki and Mike a pillow with these faces printed on the fabric. It's become a funny, strange tradition to continuously give her more of these "inception" pillows. I told her to consider bringing the pillow to her wedding so we can take some bridal pics with it!

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